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Young children are hardly at a loss for words. They just spurt out exactly what is on their minds. They possess a freedom to share their thoughts which I find precious.

This past week Jocelyn shared much with me. She told me how she felt about the color green. She discussed her aspirations to become a flagman. These thoughts of hers, as grand as they may seem to her now, will surely change over the years as she grows and develops.

But it is such fun to listen to her now and tuck away these conversations to remind her of these days.

We need friends to come alongside of us, bringing support as we work through the difficulties and disappointments of our dreams. Friendships can either restrict and damper our goals or encourage and help our goals to take off.

But more so, we need to learn the prodding of God which directs our lives each day. He has given us talents, abilities, personality traits, bents, and interests which point to a future where our lives will be most fruitful and best utilized.

And so today I pray for my grandchildren … Dear God, I thank You that You alone hold our futures. There are so many opportunities that will lie ahead in the lives of my grandchildren: education, relationships, jobs, career choices, and ministry. Give them the wisdom to know which they are to follow. Fill them with courage to not only dream and hope for their futures but to seek You and Your will. May they trust Your leading and follow You knowing You will ultimately lead them to that which is best and for their good. In Your Name I pray, Amen.

“Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow. Lead me by your truth and teach me … ” (Psalm 25:4-5, NLT)


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