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13254592_902816472075_7607610431445174667_nAt our house, we have become obsessed with everything “teeth” – loose teeth, pulling of teeth, and the tooth fairy. And this would be why …

Tooth #6 has fallen out!!!

Three year old Jocelyn is not quite sure what to make of the entire situation and constantly checks me for “loose ones”.

“Open you mouth, Mimi. I check you teeth.”

Having had a tooth pulled last year and then ongoing oral surgery, she has continually noticed the space. Her fingers also check my front teeth to see if they wiggle. When there is no wiggle, she assures me, “When you turn eight, they will wiggle.”

Recently my dental work was completed – the sinus lift, the post implanted and secured, the tooth made – and last week, unbeknownst to Jocelyn, the new tooth was screwed in place.

So when #6 fell out of her sister’s, the next morning Jocelyn had to check mine once again. My mouth open, she peered in and happily exclaimed while clapping …

“Good job, Mimi. You tooth growed in. Good job!!!!”

Her excitement, as she applauded, high fived, and hugged me, was genuine and heartfelt. It brought to mind my earlier reading in Acts.

In writing about the generosity of the early Church, Luke tells of a man who sold a field and brought the money to the apostles to give to those in need. It was how this man, whose name was Joseph, was described which came back to me:

“For instance, there was Joseph, the one the apostles nicknamed Barnabas (which means “Son of Encouragement”). He was from the tribe of Levi and came from the Island of Cyprus. He sold a field he owned and brought the money to the apostles.” (Acts 4:36-37, NLT)

This man was written up as an example of generous and unselfish giving in response to the needy. He was nicknamed by the apostles because he was a constant source of encouragement. They changed his name to indicate his character and actions.

And so today I pray for my grandchildren … Lord, I thank you for the way you guide us in praying for our families. May my grandchildren learn to be a source of encouragement to others, speaking a word in season to their friends. Let them see when others are sad, discouraged, or lonely. Fill their mouths with kindness and wisdom which brings joy and comfort to those around them. May they come to You as their constant source of encouragement, trusting in Your Word to be their strength all of their days. It is in Your Name I pray, Amen.



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