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We can take so many things for granted – family, education, opportunity, the roof over our head, the blessing of wise and godly male influence. Each a privilege to have present in our lives, yet often overlooked. Until it is absent.

I have had a dad who invested his time and his love into the lives of his children. To his grandchildren. And yes, now to his great-grandchildren. Maybe that is why the story of this young man has so moved my heart.

13263716_10156906421895099_4199345374465379081_nLet me introduce you to a 16 year old boy, named Yasin.

He is the oldest son in our family at The Lulu Tree. He had given up on school because he had missed so much as a young child. Education is not free in Uganda. There is a tuition to be paid and his mother could not afford the school fees. His mother, Amina, worked hard selling bananas and other produce in the hopes of earning enough to pay for his schooling. Yasin resigned himself to the fact that he would probably only have opportunity to get a job as a bricklayer or a mechanic.

We have been blessed at The Lulu Tree to have a national director, Mama Esther, who is driven to seek out the best opportunities for the children of our Mamas. Recently she made a change to a new Christian school for The Lulu Tree children to attend.

Esther has convinced Yasin to take advantage of this opportunity to return to school and finish his education. He is now wanting to be enrolled in the new school.

Sometimes we need a little help to grab hold of the God-given dream which resides in our hearts.

June Lulu Post

Today I am sharing the story of Yasin and his mother, Amina, over at The Lulu Tree. Won’t you join me THERE? I am sharing about the power of an encouraging word.


Today I am joining … Faith Filled Friday and Grace & Truth and #DanceWithJesus .