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thehappinessdare_cover_400x600As soon as I knew Jennifer Dukes Lee was writing another book, I placed a pre-order. I LOVED her first book, Love Idol, so I knew the goodness that was going to come bound between the two covers of this second book, The Happiness Dare. So I ordered multiple copies, in fact, because I wanted several people in my life to be happy, to find happiness.

And then the doubts came …

  • Are we supposed to be “happy?
  • Isn’t it “joy” that we are to seek?
  • Is it more “Christian” to desire joy because that is one of the fruit of the Spirit?

The books came and I began reading, still unsure if this was going to be a sound biblical read or just some feel-good philosophy.

I am a mom and a Mimi. Nothing fills me with greater delight {{see there I go avoiding the very word, aka, happiness}} than to see my children happy. I opened the pages of the book with the question looming big, large, OK – humungous in my mind –

Does God truly want us to be happy?

One morning, while reading the book, I received a phone call. The person on the other end stated through tears, “I just am not happy.” I hung up, prayed for her for a bit, and began thinking.

The truth of the matter is we all want to be happy. We want to be happy with our lives, our families, our jobs, our churches, our children. We know we will face difficulties in our lives but if we are honest, overall – we want life to be happy.

I picked up the book and flipped through the pages to where I had underlined to remind myself of this truth:

“Our happy God desires happy children.

You are the imago dei. You carry the DNA of your happy and holy God. Do not imagine the Lord as some miserly mall security cop, with his arms crossed over his chest and a whistle around his neck, waiting for you to mess things up down here. God is the inventor of happiness and the chief spreader of it. When you desire happiness, you are not a pleasure-seeking heretic. You are responding to something built into your soul. Your desire to live happy is not a flaw. It is your soul’s memory of the original paradise, etched and alive in you.

Your desire for happiness is also a hint at what’s to come …”

(page 33, The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Dukes Lee)

Yes, God is my heavenly Father. And YES!!! He desires for me to happy.

When we are happy, we are a reflection of our God, our happy God.

Jennifer has created a Happiness Assessment which you can take HERE to discover your happiness style – that place where you thrive and derive the most happiness. I discovered I am a Giver and a Thinker. Take five minutes to answer the questions. You will be happy you did!


I am not done with the book yet but I am fully encouraging you all to order your own copy. Never mind, the publisher has provided me a copy by which I can make one of you happy! Just leave a comment below and I will pick one of you using on Friday.

Update 8/5/16 – The winner was selected through the use of and has been notified. Thank you all for entering!

***Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I am disclosing this as required by Federal Trade Commission.

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