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Ever notice how we always wait till we run out of strength, resources, options, or ideas to turn to God?

He noticed this tendency in His people and addressed it saying:

“Then I’ll go back to where I came from until they come to their senses. When they finally hit rock bottom, maybe they’ll come looking for me.”
(Hosea 5:15, The Message).

He cracks our human nature wide open . Written so long ago, while God’s chosen people were resisting Him and here we are, still the very same way.

And so He waits.

These words reveal God’s heart. He constantly pursues us, trying to guide and love His children (us) to a place of healing. In the book of Hosea, the people had suffered wounding at the hands of their enemies. Rather than turning to God, they sought the help of nations around them who, in actuality, were not able to help them at all. In love, God withdrew from trying to warn them and instead waited for them to return to His love.


There are times in our lives that God leaves us in our difficulty to struggle. Why? So that our hearts might soften to Him and to the very idea of relationship with Him. He lets us endure a season of hardship, all the while extending His grace and mercy to us, so that we would realize our need for Him and Him only.

He longs for us to come to our senses,
and return to Him.
And so He waits.


This is an edited post from 2011.
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