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jen-bricker-everything-is-possible-663x1024We all need an inspirational story now and then. One that moves, motivates, and encourages us to go beyond any limit we have imposed upon ourselves.

I had never heard of Jen Bricker but when I opened the email and saw the book cover in front of me, I was instantly drawn to read her story. It was the look of joy which emanated from her face that conveyed the message and the title of her book, Everything Is Possible.

Jen Bricker was born without legs and given up for adoption. The one thing her adoptive family encouraged her to do everything any child would do – play basketball, soccer, volleyball, and even gymnastics. The one thing they never encouraged was an attitude of defeat.

Every chapter and story is resplendent with enthusiasm. Her passion and and positive attitude towards the things she does and each person she meets is stunning and infectious. Every page is a display of her solid faith, the source of her courage and strength in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Throughout the book, we get the pleasure of meeting the people which were most important to her in her life- school teachers, parents, lifelong friends, her pastor, and coaches. This was a wonderful addition to Jen’s story, providing insights Jen never realized others were observing in her.

Every chapter concludes with a section called, “Believe It!”. It is here that Jen shares the things she has come to know and believe with all her heart and soul. They are principles and thoughts to be applied to our own lives and situations. They are a rich treasure of thoughts rooted in Scripture.

Some of my favorite quotes are:

  • “Trust that every experience – good, bad, or ugly – shapes the person you are for the better. Every mistake or misfortune is an opportunity to grow and learn.”
  • “God is our safety net. And in His eyes, we fail only when we allow failure to defeat us, when we refuse to trust that failure can be a gift – a chance to be better, stronger, and smarter the next time around. God uses everything in our lives to transform us into the people He wants us to be.”
  • “The only person you can hold accountable is yourself.”
  • “You never know when one small good deed can change someone’s life for the better. So I say do them – each and every day.”
  • “Remember that everyone is fighting a battle, whether or not it is visible to others. Be kind, be generous, be humble. Everyone is equal in God’s eyes and equally deserving of love and respect.”
  • “Be present in the moment and allow yourself to truly experience where you are and what you are doing.”

She closes the book with her wish list – those things she yet wants to do and experience in life. As I came to the last page, I found myself returning to the introduction where I read these inspiring words once again:

Everything is possible. That’s my favorite Bible quote from Mark 9:23: “Everything is possible for the person who believes.” See it, believe it, make it happen.

Jen has obviously embraced this very thought. But then she gives us all this challenge:

Where will your path take you if you decide to push yourself to do what you were meant to do? Where might you find yourself that you never dreamed possible?

Be brave. Dream big. Have faith. And don’t be scared to look down. The view is pretty spectacular.

This book is a wonderful read. Jen Bricker’s story is inspiring and reminded me that limitations can be overcome. With God all things are possible.


*** I received a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Publishing Group/Revell in exchange for my honest review.

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