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We served together for a short period of time but the time impacted me in ways long afterwards, probably unbeknownst to her.

It can be hard for me to express myself aloud or give my opinions to those I do not know well. Insecurity causes me to hold back. She seemed to pick up on that, often asking my thoughts and drawing me out, making it easier for me to open up. Her sensitivity and compassion made the atmosphere a safe place for me.


The word comes to me tonight as I sit listening to the crickets, the noise of the day has passed. The TV is off and the only sound inside the room is the whirl of the ceiling fan. The stillness brings a peace as it envelops me. More and more, I am realizing how much I enjoy the quiet. But I wonder how often being quiet is misconstrued and the quiet is neglected or forgotten. And I remember,

“Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands, just as we instructed you before.”
(1 Thessalonians 4:11, NLT)

We live in a time when everyone has something to say. Everyone shares opinions on everything – loudly – making it seem like those loudest have the most knowledge. Yet Paul encourages us to make it our goal to live a quiet life.

Our God can be found in the quiet.


When God called Elijah to go out on the mountain and stand before Him
(1 Kings 19: 11-12), three things took place. First, a mighty windstorm hit the mountain, tearing loose the rocks. But God was not in the wind.

An earthquake occurred but God was not in the earthquake.

Then there was a fire but God was not to be found in the fire either.

When God wanted Elijah to know His Presence, He was found in a whisper. A gentle whisper.

Is it possible that we often miss God because we are looking for the windstorm or earthquake or fire moments? You know the big moments, the flashy ones?

This world has become a place where everyone is talking, TV is accessible 24/7, and busyness reigns. Can it be our God waits for us to find Him in the quiet?

When Elijah heard the gentle whisper, he went and stood at the entrance of the cave and listened. He was ready to hear. It is then God recommissions Elijah, giving him a renewed purpose and plan. Elijah retraced his steps back to the beginning and then was able to move forward.

Let’s make some time for quiet.

It is there we will find God waiting to
renew our purpose,
replenish our strength,
and restore our hope.


Today I am joining … Three Word Wednesday and Coffee For Your Heart and Tell His Story and Women With Intention .