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The back cover of the book includes a most familiar verse but the wording falls new and different.

“I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way” (Psalm 139:14, NCV)

Immediately the truth hits me: I know the verse mentioned but I struggle at times believing that His workmanship in me is wonderful or marvelous.

already_amazing_devotional_cover_-_holley_gerth_largeIn her new devotional, Do You Know You’re Already Amazing?, author Holley Gerth shares thirty truths which God seeks to deposit into our hearts about who He created us to be. I have loved Holley’s past devotionals and this one did not disappoint. In fact, it delivered more than I expected.

Over the years I have realized that at times I feel like I do not measure up or I am not enough. There are seasons where reason reigns and confidence is in place. But then there are those times when I am challenged to step out of my comfort zone, anxiety can set in as I attempt something new.

In one chapter, Holly shares about Rebekah, who is spotted a servant sent to search for a wife for Isaac. As the servant notices Rebekah’s fine character, along with her beauty, he proposes that she leave her home to go with him and become Isaac’s wife.

Here is what Holly shares about Rebekah and comfort zones:

If we always stick to what seems safest and most familiar, we risk missing out on what God has planned for us. Instead we can simply pray,”God, I’m open to whatever you have for me today. Even if what I face is unknown, I know you. I trust you to take care of me wherever you call me to go.” Leaving our comfort zone may meant an actual change in location like it did for Rebekah. But it can also happen reaching out to others who are different than us. Learning something new. Pursuing a dream. We like to put limits on our lives, but we serve a limitless God who invites us to move beyond what has confined and defined us.

(from page 189)

Having recently found myself involved in a project which put me way outside of my comfort zone, this chapter spoke deeply. As I pushed through my discomfort, I came to discover I was able to do what I thought I would be unable to do. There was a joy in accomplishing that which was formerly unknown to me.

More so, I came to realize that comfort zones are overrated. The best place to be is not in our comfort zones. The best place to be is in the very place where God has called us, for it is there we will find ourselves smack in the center of His will.

293711_dykyaagerth_sharables5There are thirty truths unpacked in this devotional book. Each chapter is short but designed to remind us that we are loved by God and have been placed where we need to be for His purposes.

The book contains four questions at the end of each devotional designed to prompt us to pray more on the truths shared. Each chapter is a gentle and tender reminder of our great worth and purpose. It makes a great study to do individually or as a group discussion.


** I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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