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Christmas is a time full of traditions. We enjoy our favorite dishes, desserts, music, and movies. Family decorations, filled with memories, come out of the attic, warming our hearts as we think of years passed.

We need our hearts to be stirred till they are fully alive as they wait for Christmas morn.

13988222_10208209443848515_6744458265310236332_oIn her book, Come Lord Jesus, Kris Camealy offers 25 daily readings to help us carve out time each day to think about this time of waiting. She reminds us of our longing for Jesus.

I have had the privilege of reading an advanced copy of the book. It has spoken to my heart as it stirred my soul to think of Jesus coming into my world, my days, and my life. The readings became personal, as each pointed to the arrival of Jesus, the long awaited One.

I loved reading this book in a season other than Advent as it spoke deeply to my heart – now – in this moment. It will be even more special, and deeply meaningful, to read it each day of the coming Advent season.

Kris gives us much to think on as she shares with transparency. She includes Scriptures and thought provoking questions for us to ponder. Reading this book has been a gift to my life and will surely be a gift to each who reads it.

Kris shares about the book in this trailer:

One of my {{many}} favorite quotes from the book was this one:

7There are other Christmas devotionals on my bookshelves but this one is going to be my “go to” for many more Christmases. This book will surely open your eyes, as it has mine, to the unexpected blessings God brings to our lives as we wait on Him.

Be sure to visit Kris on her site HERE to read her beautiful words on the birthing of this book. She also has several exciting giveaways as she celebrates the release of this new book.

** I was given a PDF of the book in exchange for my honest review which was a joy to give!


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