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The cards have been tucked in my Bible since the beginning so it’s been a few years now. They introduced me to the very first group of Mamas at the start of the ministry. A photo and a short bio were also included to fill in the back story to all six and the names of their children.

Several times a week, I would pull them out to read them thinking I would only do this until I was familiar with each one. The weeks, and years, have passed and I am unable to stop looking at the now familiar faces and praying for them.

They have grown on me and hold a special place in my heart. The cards are worn and splattered with coffee from early morning prayer times. My mug has probably splashed equally as much coffee as my tears on the cards, for over the years the mamas have faced hard and difficult challenges.

The group consisted of the:

  • single mother abandoned by her husband.
  • one orphaned as a child herself and homeless.
  • young widow left with three children.
  • one sleeping in a temporary structure which functioned as a church.
  • mother with a set of twins.
  • another young widow with two children and totally hopeless.

We live worlds apart, on different continents separated by an expanse of water. Yet God works in His own way, albeit mysterious way, to join our hearts and hands by His love.

img_0474As the ministry developed, we were able to enroll their children in school and help them to find housing and food. They were able to receive training as hairdressers, tailoring, and farming so they could eventually become self-sufficient, providing for their families.

The ministry has continued to grow and expand as our arms opened up to more mamas, daughters, and children. In place of six photo cards, we have a photo album filled with more faces, some older and some newer. They are now the faces and lives which I remember in prayer regularly.

God brings them to us and God, in His love and mercy also lets us know when it is time to release them, equipped and able to thrive.

And in this process, He is teaching us about His heart for His people. 

“Father to the fatherless, defender of widows – that is God, whose dwelling place is holy. God places the lonely in families, he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.” (Psalm 68:5-6, NLT)

God works in His own way joins hearts and hands by His love. 


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