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Today I am joining Kate Motaung’s linkup – Books I Read in 2016. This past year I exceeded my own expectations, reading more than anticipated so I found it hard to keep my list short.  There were truly many wonderful books and some have become favorites which I will read every year.

So here they are, in no particular order and links to the full review are in the title:

  1. Roots and Sky by Christie Purifoy was a new to me author. This book weaves through all four seasons of the first year in their new home, bringing truths and lessons learned for each season in our lives. I found myself appreciating the moments in my day, as together they drive home the realization that our lives are far from ordinary.
  2. Come With Me by Suzanne Eller. Every word encourages us to say “Yes” to the One who leads us to impact the world around us. As we follow Him, we may be led into hard places where our faith will be tested. But it in those very places, we will discover He is who He says He is and is worth following. This book is a wonderful resource for individual reading or a group study.
  3. More Than Rivals by Ken Abraham. At a time when race and discrimination plagues our country, this was a most appreciated read. This is the story of how two families, encouraged their sons to do what was right and honorable despite what might come of it. In so doing, they raised boys able to look beyond their skin color and change the course of a town. A powerful and inspirational read.
  4. Hope Prevails by Dr. Michelle Bengston. A most unique and encouraging book as it deals with the subject of depression. Written by a doctor, who herself battled depression, she dispels the myths and stigmas surrounding depression while offering hope in a compassionate and transparent manner.
  5. Earth Psalms by Francine Rivers. This is a devotional which helps us to see God in the midst of our day and in all that is around us. The book is filled with spectacular photos, quotes, and facts about nature that are thought provoking.
  6. Do You Know You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth. This is another encouraging and powerful devotional by Holley Gerth, who continues to remind us all that God has made us uniquely and fitted our lives with purpose, on purpose, and for His purposes.
  7. Rhythms Of Rest by Shelly Miller. Rest is a deliberate choice we must make in a world that will seek to keep us busy. This one proved to be a journey towards rest, as Shelly pointed me to the importance of implementing Sabbath into my own life. Her words are like a breath of fresh air and will stir your soul to find rest in our God who is longing to spend time with each of us.
  8. Come, Lord Jesus by Kris Camealy. There are no words to share about this book. This book is now my Advent devotional for life. This one contains 25 readings for Advent which opened my eyes to the unexpected blessings and beauty which are in the season of waiting.

There were two children’s books which were new to me this past year:

  1. The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross by Carl Laferton and illustrated by Catalina Echeverri. The author explains in a simple yet powerful manner the day Jesus died, the events which happened in the Temple, and the resurrection. The illustrations are colorful and sweet.
  2. Martin Luther – Christian Biographies for Young Readers by Simonetta Carr. Our church history is particularly important to share for it is the way by which our our children learn about heroes of the faith and hold onto biblical truths. Simonetta Carr writes about such heroes in a way that is sure to draw in, and keep, the attention of children.

Then there was a book which was an honor to be included – Five Minute Friday – a compilation of posts from all of our favorite bloggers. The best part? All profits from this project will be divided equally between two ministries in South Africa: The Vine School in Cape Town, and The Ten Dollar Tribe.

These were just a few of my favorites from this past year. I would love to hear about your favorites as well. Feel free to share a recommendation for me to read in the new year. I have my list already started!


Today I am joining … Kate Motaung and Thought Provoking Thursday and Grace Moments .