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The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is … Control. You can click at the bottom of this post to get to Kate Motaung’s site and read all that has been shared on this word.

Control. The ability to have restraint over or dominate a circumstance or person. To be able to be in command at all times and over all things.

The word prompt is a word so suited for my thoughts as all week I have been meditating on the truth that I hold very little control over the circumstances in life …

  • the outcome of medical diagnoses and treatment plans,
  • a toddler’s will,
  • the weather,
  • the choices of my now adult children,
  • the mood of another person, or
  • the TV remote (I never have control of that!!).

Earlier this week, I read about the mustard seed in Mark 4. The man scatters the seed and has absolutely no control over how those seeds grow. He has no control over, nor can he explain, the growth or production of the seeds. The success or the outcome is solely dependent upon God.

Job wrestles with God, questioning Him on the events in his life. His friends attempt to help Job in his pondering and one friend asks this of them all, as he tries to get them to focus on the sovereignty of God:

“Do you know how God controls the storm and causes the lightning to flash from the cloud?” (Job 37:15, NLT)

Understand it? That would be a “No.” I am only grateful when it has not struck too closely.

No matter how much meteorologists can explain the weather, there remains an unpredictability about it because even they, cannot control the weather.

As we struggle, or wrestle, with life and our lack of control, may we come to the place of humbling ourselves to God and submitting to His purposes.

We may not have control but in this I am confident,
We can trust the heart of the One who controls all things.


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