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The dreams may lay hidden for a long time.

In looking back, I am not sure where I read that applications were being taken for the the God Sized Dream Team. It may have been on either Facebook or Twitter or in an email. The one thing I am certain is that I opened it and read it multiple time over the course of a few weeks.

No matter how I tried to push it out of my head, I kept returning to read it once again.

During a difficult transition in our lives several years ago, I felt to start a journal – a blog – so that my children would one day know their mother’s thoughts and manner of processing. At first, I resisted the idea as I have always held my thoughts and feelings close.

Transparency and vulnerability, while my heart was yet raw, was a frightening thought.

One Sunday morning, the sermon was on Peter being called out of the boat to walk on water. I knew Jesus was always in the proverbial boat with me, stilling the storm and bringing His peace.

But me, out on the water with Jesus would require me to muster up a whole lot more courage.

So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus.
(Matthew 14: 29, NLT)

The writing was private as no one knew I was even doing so but over the course of time, connections began. Connections that brought meaning to my writing, bringing a love of writing and for those who would read and comment.

It did not matter if the words would be read by only one as it was for the One that I was writing.

We do for the one because all that we do is for The One.

I am sharing today at God Sized Dreams. Would you join me there as I share about the way in which our God uncovers our dreams.


Today I am joining … Three Word Wednesday and Tell His Story and Coffee For Your Heart and Woman to Woman .