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Just a few verses each day can keep my thoughts going for a few days, the meaning becoming clearer and richer, shedding light in my soul. So it has been once I read Psalm 119:28:

“I weep with sorrow; encourage me by your word.”

The psalmist obviously had a heavy heart, ladened by circumstances, and it was from God that he sought encouragement.

There are benefits from having a quiet time with God each day. We gain more than we could ever realize from time spent reading Scripture. God’s Word will:

  • revive us (Psalm 119:25)
  • teach us (Psalm 119:26)
  • bring understanding (Psalm 119:27)
  • encourage us (Psalm 119:28)
  • keep us from deceiving ourselves (Psalm 119:29)

This is just to name a little of our gain from Scripture. As we turn to absorb the very words God left for us, He does His part to strengthen us in the midst of the happenings of our days.

But what is to be our part in this? Our part is to:

  • choose to be faithful (Psalm 119:30)
  • determine to live by His commands (Psalm 119:30)
  • cling to His laws (Psalm 119:31)
  • pursue His commands (Psalm 119:32)

The psalmist pledged – chose – to hold onto God’s Word no matter the circumstances. And so must we, even as we weep. We may cry yet we cry with the hope of what is yet to come.

The words God left for us are meant to bring light and life to all people, for all time, in all situations. But we must read them, permitting them to do the needed work our souls so desperately need.

“A saint armed with God’s Word is adequately equipped to withstand the greatest assaults brought against his soul.” (The Holman Old Testament Commentary, Vol. 12, page 215)

God is faithful to do His part in the lives of His children. May we turn to Him to help us, and strengthen us, for this is our part. May we intentionally set aside time each day to let Him tend to our souls through the reading of His very Word to us.

As we hold onto His Word with greater tenacity than ever before,
and He will encourage us.


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