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“And as it happened, she found herself working in a field that belonged to Boaz, the relative of her father-in-law, Elimelech.” (Ruth 2:3, NLT)

The farmers were to leave the edges of their fields unharvested. They were permitted to glean one time only, leaving that which was unharvested, or overlooked, untouched. This was God’s gracious, merciful, and beautiful provision for those who were down and out – the poor, the widowed.

Ruth, a widow, goes to work gleaning in a field so that she can provide food for herself and also her widowed mother-in-law, Naomi. She goes to pick up the leftovers in the field.

Her field of choice belongs to Boaz, and she is completely unaware that he is the owner and a relative. Today we may word it that Ruth was a widow in the right place at the right time.

The phrases – “as it happened” and “she found herself” – begin to open our understanding to the truth there is more at work here than meets the eye.  We are reminded God is at work directing our steps.

Ruth is doing an ordinary act, gleaning the grain specifically left behind for the poor and the widows. She has no idea this simple and ordinary task is about to open up the most extraordinary future for her and Naomi.

And so comes the reminder to us:

  • The course of events in our life are not coincidental.
  • Our lives are in the hands of our God.
  • God weaves the details in our lives for a purpose and according to His plan.

All is unfolding in Ruth’s life, and each of ours, according to the mysterious and marvelous providence of God. May we be reminded to see the hand of God at work in our lives here and now, in the present moment.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”
(Corrie ten Boom)

Lord, help us to trust You in all things and to know that there are no accidents with You. You are always in control, always at work, and always guiding our steps. Amen.



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