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Biographies are an important and much needed way to learn about others, particularly those who were bold and courageous in their faith.

God’s Smuggler Brother Andrew with John and Elizabeth Sherrill is one such story. Brother Andrew was one who risked his life to bring Bible and the gospel behind the Iron Curtain.

With only the protection of God, Brother Andrew traveled to places where most would not. In these places, to merely talk about God was forbidden and could be cause for death.

Yet God repeatedly protected him, closing the eyes of military police and the government and made a way for him to bring hope into the darkest of places. He became known as “God’s Smuggler”.

This book is filled with many exciting stories which beautifully illustrate the favor God brought to each of his journeys. He tells of a time when he and another were asked to take Bibles into the Soviet Union. Already prepared to bring their own supply, and with no place to store and hide these extra Bibles, the response still was:

“Of course we’ll take them. If we’re going to be arrested for carrying Bibles, we might as well be arrested for carrying a lot of them.” (from page 172)

They passed through customs with the extras on their laps and the officials more interested in the motor of their car than with what was contained inside.

This version is especially written for young readers. ages 9 – 12. It is a book sure to hold the interest of any reader, inspiring them to trust God and live boldly.


** I received this book in exchange for my review from Chosen Books via Cross Focused Reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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