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Asked if I am more of chicken or brave, I would have to say “Chicken”. I eagerly began reading the book once I saw the question Holley Gerth asks on the back cover of her latest book, “Fiercehearted”:

“What if the solution isn’t trying harder or being better but embracing the fiercehearted woman already inside us?”

Holley’s books always seem to speak to my heart so it surprised me when I realized this book is my favorite one so far. Maybe it was the right time. But something tells me the timing will always be right for the message in this one.

Holley writes so that it feels like she is writing just for you and speaking directly to you, an audience of one. Her words encourage and uplift, like an infusion of courage right to the soul. She shares transparently and I soon found myself believing in my ability to face life fierceheartedly. Her words wrapped my soul, pushing me to be braver than I thought possible. Each page of her story made me realize God intricately and personally deposits strength and courage into each of us not because we are strong in ourselves, but because He is strong for us.

The book is rich with quotes from others which confirm Holley’s powerful message “to live fully and love bravely.” We will find ourselves inspired to pursue Jesus tenderly, desiring to impact the world around us. We will be reminded to never give in, never let go, and never give up on that which we have been called to do. We lay low to lift Him high.

“Maybe humble, holy ground is the only vantage point where we can really see each other, where we just might proceed to change the world.”
(page 49)

Fiercehearted is the story of whom we all can become as we trust in God to work and transform our lives. This is a must read for any woman longing for more and an invitation to embrace the life intended.

** I was provided a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review which was a delight to share.


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