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One of the aspects of blogging which I love is the way the lives of people intersect. God has brought friends into my life I would not have met otherwise. They also brought their insight and their books along with them.

One of these friends has been Dr. Michelle Bengston. I had the opportunity to review her first book, Hope Prevails, which you can read about here. Michelle is a neuropsychologist who had treated patients for years. Yet only in the midst of her own battle did she discover the missing component in treatment.

I’m a woman who usually has a Bible Study workbook going, so when asked to be a part of this launch team, I was grateful to be included. Hope Prevails Bible Study is a wonderful study for anyone who struggles with depression or has a loved one who struggles. This means it is pretty much for us all.

The study brings practical application which will encourage any reader. It is not a cure for depression and does not discount there are times medication may be needed. One should always follow the recommendations made by their doctor.

But there is a spiritual component of our lives that must be addressed. This study does just that – focuses on our spiritual mindset.

Each chapter of this study will guide you in reading Scriptures and responding to questions. There are key thoughts and directives to help maintain a hope filled mindset throughout the day. Dr. Bengston has included a leader’s guide making this book a wonderful resource for a group Bible Study.

The book is a gentle journey making one realize depression is common and we are not alone in this battle. There are chemical genetic, experiential, and spiritual contributors to this struggle. With the help of professionals and Scriptures, one can fight back from this journey and discover the joy and peace God intends.

This is an excellent Bible Study and resource for personal use for those who struggle with depression or have a loved one who struggles.

** I received an advanced reading copy of this book for the purpose of this review in exchange for my honest opinion. It was a privilege to read this book and do so.


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