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“O God, you are my God;
I earnestly search for you.
My soul thirsts for you;
my whole body longs for you
in this parched and weary land
where there is no water.”

Thanksgiving has passed and one only needs to scroll through their inbox to know the Christmas frenzy has begun … Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday.

And then I read the familiar words above from Psalm 63.

My thoughts turn to Advent. The season of waiting. The people were surely waiting as there had been 400 years of silence between the last of the Old Testament books and the beginning of New Testament history.

No message from God. The prophets were quiet.

Did the people recall this psalm? Were they searching for the Messiah? Were they longing for His arrival?

Four truths emerged from Psalm 63 this morning:

  1. We must be passionate in our pursuit of God. We must take initiative to seek Him. Even in those desert times in our lives, God will meet us. Those desert seasons are meant to awaken our longing for God. Just as our bodies cannot survive without water, our souls will not thrive without God (verse 1).
  2. We must praise God at all times. We must remember His unfailing love to us. God is committed to us in every season of our lives (verse 3).
  3. We must remember God. Think about Him and all the times previous in which He has been our Helper (verse 6).
  4. We must hold onto God. We hold onto our God and our faith, as He securely holds onto us with His strong right hand. It is a mutual clinging (verse 8).

In this Advent season,
as we wait,
may we seek God,
making Him first and foremost in our lives.


Today I am joining … Trekking Thru the Week and Unite and #RaRaLInkup and Teaching What Is Good  .