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History was not my most enjoyable subject in school, and perhaps the reason I grab books written by Simonetta Carr. Each of her books presents history in a most engaging manner, particularly church history, of the brave believers who have forged the way for us to follow.

Irenaeus of Lyon is beautifully written and illustrated. Simonetta weaves facts and doctrine so that the book reads easily, holding one’s attention until the last page.

Irenaeus was born around the year 130 about one hundred years after the death of Christ. By the time he was born, each of the twelve apostles had died and many were rising up, calling themselves Christians while teaching a different message. Irenaeus lived and wrote to help people understand the message and truths of Christ.

Simonetta tells his life story for young readers, enabling them to grasp the time in which Ireneaus lived, the doctrine he taught, and the adversity which he faced, offering lessons to inspire her readers to live according to biblical truths.

In difficult times of mistreatment and persecution, Ireneaus had the responsibility of encouraging and strengthening believers who had lost their loved ones. He constantly explained how God cares for this world and nothing happens by chance. He chose to live in such a way to inspire Christians to be thankful towards God in midst of any difficulties they would endure. Most of all, Irenaeus taught believers the importance of discerning truth from error by knowing and listening to Scripture, a lesson urgently needed in these days we live.

Once again, Simonetta Carr has written an inspire historical book which will make this a wonderful gift to any child or school library.

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