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Our family will be enlarging this summer!

It’s exciting news and yet, to be honest, it was received with trepidation. Another life to be concerned about, OK, to worry over and I am a worrier.

Motherhood was such a joy to me but the sense of responsibility always hung like a heavy blanket on my shoulders. My fear of doing something wrong, or impacting my children in a negative way for the rest of their lives, would often bring me to tears and to my knees. Not always a bad thing!

Already being the “Mimi” of two, I have discovered that it does not get easier for me. I now worry, cry, and pray over two more lives and this new arrival will be no different.

Growing up, we were frequently with our grandparents as we all lived in close proximity. We attended church together several times a week. We had meals together.

Gram was a “pray-er”. She prayed for each meal after we all sat down at the table. She prayed before leaving the house to go to the market, asking the Lord to guide her steps and purchases. She prayed when she arrived back home, giving thanks for His protection and provision. She prayed during the day over her chores. She prayed each night before going to bed. She prayed each morning, first thing. Gram’s knees hit the floor just as quickly as her feet.

My heart is full of both memories and gratitude for her influence in my life. Her prayers most likely still being active in my life and being answered.

I watch the changes in the first two granddaughters as the passing of years grow them physically and in their personalities. They are growing and changing as quickly as the one yet to come is also forming. The weight of concern is heavier than it was when I was raising my own, as the world is also changing rapidly and the challenges increasing.

Whether as moms, or now as “Mimi’s”, we need to be pray-ers more than ever before. Our children and grandchildren will reap the benefits of those prayers and perhaps, they too, will will learn to pray daily, and throughout all of their days.

“The children of your people will live in security. Their children’s children will thrive in your presence.” (Psalm 102:28, NLT)

Lord, this morning I am grateful for all You have provided and for the many ways You have been with us. Help me to show my grandchildren a heart that is grateful for Your Presence and Your provision. I ask that You would watch over their development, in all of the stages of their lives. Help them learn to pray and thrive in Your Presence. Amen.

Today I am joining …ƂĀ  #ChasingCommunity and Tune In Thursday .