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Two of the most exciting times in my life were during my pregnancies. Each pregnancy was as unique and different as night and day. Each week brought mounting apprehension and joy as the time approached for our new arrival.

In her new book, Daily Wisdom for the Mommy to-Be, Stacey Thureen, journeys with expectant mothers through their forty weeks of pregnancy. The book brings day by day, week by week encouragement for women anticipating the birth of their little one making this book a true gift.

Each week is themed to match the stage of pregnancy. The daily devotional brings Scriptures, encouraging thoughts, and a short prayer to help an expecting woman focus on preparing herself spiritually for the new arrival.

“No matter what you have walked through in life, God doesn’t discriminate against your upbringing. Regardless of how qualified or unqualified you might feel to become a mommy-to-be, remember God loves making miraculous miracles out of pain, loss, and hardship.

Prayer: Lord, you are in control of my life and this baby’s life. When I’m tempted to dwell on the hardships I’ve endured, help me to choose to praise You. Thank you that on the other side of a trial is always a miracle!”

(from page 18)

The devotional will leave every mother-to-be with an assured confidence that she can do all things in Christ, even face the challenges of motherhood. This small hardcover book will make a sweet gift for the mommy-to-be.


*I received a PDF version of the book in exchange for my honest review which was my joy to provide. This post contains an affiliate link.

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