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Memorial Day – the official start of summer!

After the awaited long weekend, planting flowers, and a barbequed burger, it can be hard to settle back into the routine of school. I edited this post as I thought today may be a good time to encourage my mama friends …

You can do it. The end is in sight. You have come this far so don’t give up! You can:

  • make one more lunch
  • help with one more homework assignment
  • wash those school uniforms (or clothes)
  • make snacks for the class
  • chaperone one more field trip
  • sit at one more school event
  • help your child study for another test and
  • help them do one more school project.

Getting through a school year is just as much work for a mom as it is for a child. There are days it seems their homework will never be done. You are looking forward to a reprieve from the school schedule and the hectic days.

Hang on as the morning is coming and you will all be able to stay in your jammies for as long as you like. Soon you will be able to enjoy the beach, the zoo, the parks, the pools, and your children. Your days will be full of bubbles, sand, water, sun tan lotion, swings, and ice cream. Lots of ice cream!

The Lord is the everlasting God,
the Creator of all the earth.
He never grows weak or weary.
No one can measure the depths of his understanding.
He gives power to the weak
and strength to the powerless.
Even youths will become weak and tired,
and young men will fall in exhaustion.
But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint.
(Isaiah 40:28-31 NLT)


Lean on our God for He has an endless supply of strength and energy to give to you. Trust Him to help you overcome the exhausting demands of end of school responsibilities.

Hold on tight.
The days of summer will soon be yours to enjoy.
And you deserve each wonderful day!



Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash
Today I am joining … Trekking Thru the Week and Unite and #RaRaLInkup and Grace Full Tuesday .