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Do you have a favorite “go-to” portion of Scripture? It’s been about a week I’ve been settled into Psalm 73. It’s probably my favorite portion because I have turned to it and hung onto God’s promises found there many times over the course of my life.

And each time I read it, it falls with a freshness as if I have never read it before.

“Yet I still belong to you;
you hold my right hand.
You guide me with your counsel,
leading me to a glorious destiny.
Whom have I in heaven but you?
I desire you more than anything on earth.
My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak,
but God remains the strength of my heart,
he is mine forever.”
Psalm 73:23-26, NLT)

Be sure to read it slowly so as not to miss the richness and beauty found in each line.

God guides me. He leads me. But He wants me to desire Him MORE than anything else. His grace. His power. Right in the middle of my weakness. It’s really too precious and too mysterious for my feeble mind to fully understand.

But it is TRUTH.

In our weakness, He shows up and does what only He can do. We must refute the lies, for the truth is:

God is enough for every need.

I forget this some days. It tears me up for He has always been faithful, always been enough, and has never leaves me. Yet some days, I fail to remember. Even when I fail to remember, He remains my strength for I am His (verse 23) and He is holding onto my right hand.

This is the truth that makes all the difference. His hold is tight and sure on me, and He is mine (verse 26) forever. He is my portion, always enough for this day.

To remember God is enough, we must change as our focus in much the same way as Asaph, the writer of Psalm 73. He knew to enter God’s sanctuary (see verse 17), for it is there we gain understanding.

“Cause when You speak and when You move,
When You do what only You can do,
It changes us
It changes what we see and what we seek”

(from the song, Spirit of the Living God, Meredith Andrews)

Lord, help my trembling heart to remember this. Help my heart to stand stout, firm, and ever declaring, “You are enough!” for every need, in every day of my life. Thank you for Your matchless strength which you impart to us, Your people. It is in Your Name I ask, Amen.