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“If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness.”
2 Corinthians 11:30, ESV


I enjoy conversation but am terrible at making small talk. Put me in a room of people and I freeze. I would rather have a meaningful conversation with one person than have conversations with many whom I will soon forget.

Candid Conversations by Heather Hart, and other contributing authors, is just like having one meaningful conversation after another. Over twenty different women have come together to share their stories – aka – struggles.

We tend to look around at others and see “perfection”. Anything messy is hidden from our sight. Social media, and the sharing of photos, has made it easier than any other time to put our best foot forward. But in so doing, we are not helping one another at all.

Our struggle to cover up our struggles is greater than our struggles.

In the introduction, Heather Hart, sets our thinking on the right path:

“Can I just say that if you are searching for a Christian woman that has it all together, you are either looking for someone who doesn’t exist or a liar. That is why we need Jesus. Jesus came to save us because He knew we could never make it on our own. He didn’t come to give us a leg up ”” a boost in the right direction ”” so we could take it from there. He came to save us from our sins.”

We should all be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Jesus came to save us from our sin, our struggles, and from ourselves. There is no point in pretension for there is no growth to be gained.

It is in transparency, our admission that we find life hard, we will find encouragement and support from others. The amazing aspect of this is we will also be able to extend the same encouragement and support to others.

Candid Conversations is a collection of stories, testimonies, of real life women with real life struggles. These real life women are not perfect but in the midst of imperfection, they are pursuing Jesus with all their heart and might. They are not content to stay stuck in the struggle, but long for transformation and to be all they were meant to be.

Each story is different as each woman is unique. I found the book wonderfully encouraging and hard to put down. At the end of each story, the author included Scriptures and questions for reflection which she titled, “Candid Conversation Starters”. This book would be excellent not only for personal journaling but also for heartfelt small group discussions.

The struggles shared include judgments, disabilities, people pleasing, forgiveness,confidence, waiting, postpartum depression, to name just a few. Each story is compelling, making this book most difficult to put down. In fact, I didn’t – I read all of it in one sitting on a quiet Saturday morning with several cups of coffee.


**I received a complimentary PDF of the book to read for this review. Candid Conversations is one beautiful and candid conversation after another. You will truly find stories of “real women, real life and real faith” in each one.

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