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The wait was hard as we all grew impatient. But it was worth it!

We are grandparents once again to another beautiful little girl!!!

As we sat in the family waiting room, my husband and I were overwhelmed with the photos coming into our phone. We couldn’t wait to hug all three. We are smiling and crying at the same time, such a mix of emotions rushing through our hearts.

We didn’t notice him until he was in the room with us. “I can tell just from her face,” he says to my husband. “This is the first one.”

He’s about our age and quickly continues, “It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it?” He leaves no opportunity for either of us to say a word and goes on to share how many children he has and now, how many grandchildren.

Only when he paused was I able to say, “It is truly the most amazing feeling. This is our third and it is just as overwhelming.”

We talk for a few more minutes as he is the friendliest man before he walks out to return to his hospital duties.

That was early Tuesday morning and I have still been processing the encounter, fully knowing I would want to share about it. Is any encounter just for the sake of pleasantries? I’m of the mindset it all has meaning, if we but dig below the surface.

Jesus told the story of the lost sheep. A man can have a hundred sheep, a large but manageable number in those days. But he knows each one and should one go missing, he is fully aware and the search begins. He will search until he finds the sheep and returns, carrying the lamb on his soldiers.

It’s beautiful imagery telling us Jesus is our Shepherd and each one of us is precious in His eyes. But there is more here as Jesus continues say:

” ‘Rejoice with me because I have found my lost sheep.’ In the same way, there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over the ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven’t strayed away!”  (Luke 15:6-7, NLT).

More joy over the one!

This has been stirring in my heart since her arrival. We rejoice over the birth of each child, and each grandchild, as if they are the first one or the only one.

In some unique way,
God has so fashioned our hearts to be a reflection of His.

The day granddaughter #3 came bounding into this world – all 9lbs. 11 1/2 oz. of perfection – there was great rejoicing, both here and in heaven. All of heaven was summoned to begin working in her little life.

And this Mimi’s heart was summoned to pray as well:

Lord, I thank You for bringing Eliza Diana into this world in as unique a way as she is unique. Her story is her own, unlike the stories of our other two granddaughters, for each of them has their own unique story as well. Thank You for her safe arrival, her health, and the perfection with which You have knit her. I know the rejoicing in heaven was beyond our celebration here for I truly believe You have given me a small glimpse of what occurred.

May You, by and through Your Holy Spirit, work in her life even from now to begin to draw her heart to You from an early age. May she know you and pursue you – full out – for all of her days, fulfilling the purposes and plans You have for her life, to the glory and honor of Your Name. For it is in Your Name alone I ask. Amen.


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