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It’s a time of waiting and activity probably unmatched by any other time of year. Yet it is also a season of preparation.

The time our hearts need to be prepared for Jesus.

In her book, Exodus to Advent, author Esther Baird takes us back to the Old Testament to another baby. There in the story of Moses and the Exodus, she brings out the glimmers of hope to be found of our coming Savior.

God has been telling His story of salvation since the beginning. His promises told long ago, were for His people then but are true for all people. They are for us all.

In this twenty five day devotional, the author takes us back to the birth of Moses, to the plagues, and into God’s laws to see how God has been hinting at Christmas throughout it all.

Baird writes in a conversational style which makes this book enjoyable, like sitting with a friend. It is easy to relate to her experiences as they are felt by us all although perhaps, they go unexpressed.

“This advent season when Christmas cheer is crowded out by obligations, self-doubt and concerns, when you’re barely treading water as the floods rise and the torrents of life rush you toward an uncertain end, know that God has a perfect destination already created for you, a promised land that He created and invites you to enter.” (Esther Baird)

Exodus to Advent is a meaningful Advent devotional,
sure to draw your heart to be prepared for the Savior’s arrival on Christmas morn.


*The book was suggested to me and I downloaded it for free on my Kindle. I was not obligated to give a review although it was my joy to provide one for this new to me author.