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The other night my husband went Christmas shopping with me. He helped carry packages and make selections. We enjoyed a bite to eat for dinner which was relaxing as we sat conversing quietly just the two of us.

I am blessed to have my husband who made this task so much easier, and quite enjoyable, with all the help he gave. And that is what made me wonder about another man.

Yesterday we looked at the person of Mary (post is HERE) and into the task of mothering. Today I am turning my attention to Joseph and what it takes to be a good husband.

Not too much is told to us in Scripture about this man. The last time he is even mentioned is during the trip to the Jerusalem when Jesus is found teaching in the temple. The husband to Mary. The earthly father of Jesus. Actually, he was in a sense an adoptive father. There had to be something unique about this man which made him God’s selection to be the earthly man in His Son’s life.

  • A good husband will protect a woman’s honor. Joseph was a good man (Matthew 1:19). He was engaged to Mary. When told of her pregnancy, he did not want to publicly disgrace her. Even when contemplating breaking the engagement, his desire was to do it quietly, in a way that would spare her embarrassment.
  • A good husband will obey God’s commands. Although he had decided to break the engagement, upon receiving a visit from an angel, Joseph does as the angel of the Lord had commanded. He went ahead and took Mary as his wife. (Matthew 1:24). He put aside his own thoughts and obeyed God.
  • A good husband will be led by God. Joseph was a God-fearing man, who when told by the angel to take a different route, he listened and followed. (Matthew 2:21). He did not second guess or go check out the new ruler for himself. He took the warning to heart and went to the place he had been told.
  • A good husband will protect his wife and children. Upon getting the directives from the angel, Joseph feared the new ruler and what could happen should Jesus be found. He took Mary and Jesus and traveled to a different region, in the town of Nazareth. (Matthew 2:23). He took the necessary actions to keep his family safe and protected.

The husband provides leadership to his wife the way Christ does to his church, not by domineering but by cherishing.” (Ephesians 5:24, MSG)


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash