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Each Friday my writing stems from a word prompt. Five minutes, one word prompt. The prompt this week is … Still.

Somewhere during the month of October, I felt compelled to prepare my heart to be prepared by Advent. Out came the Christmas music and my focus was on an Advent study which I began reading.

And in so turning, my soul became stilled.

Still has been defined as “remaining in place or at rest; being motionless.”

We often think being still can mean being stuck but instead this lack of motion piqued my awareness. In the stillness, in the midst of the hush, a familiar story began to unfold in unfamiliar and new ways. And the truth of one verse began to fall anew:

“Be still and know that I am God!” (Psalm 46:10, NLT)

It is as we still our hearts and minds, and sit in the stillness that we are able to come to know God in deeper ways. In His pursuit of us, He wants our hearts, our attention.

God wants us to be still because
He wants us to know Him.