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Long lasting friendships can be a problem as we are living in a time where women lead busier lives. Friendships are challenged by work schedules, after school activities, household responsibilities, and a host of other needs we attempt to squeeze into every twenty four hour stretch of a day.

It is no wonder that so many women, young and old, are battling loneliness.

Girls’ Club, written by Sarah, Sally & Joy Clarkson is a book written by the three women in which they address the ever growing challenges of loneliness and the importance of establishing friendships. As Sally writes in the introduction:

“My deep respect for the capacity and scope women hold has come over a lifetime of developing friendships with women who have called me to my best self. Friendships with women of great hearts, engaged minds, and devoted, vibrant souls give me energy to fuel my life and to respond in kind to their initiation. When we connect ourselves, walking arm in arm, we find models of inspiration in the stories of others that spur us on to live into our own potential.”

The book is written with three voices, as they each share their thoughts and experiences. The blend of personalities and stories brings warmth, encouragement, and a unique invitation to see the goodness and power friendship with others can bring.

Some of the topics they cover include commitment, woundedness, faithfulness, hospitality, and love. A few of my favorite quotes from these topics are:

  • Woundedness: “I feel even closer to my friends and my girls who have walked with me through my weaknesses and inconsistencies and still love and accept me. When we extend this kind of grace, forgiveness, and loyalty, we can be part of God’s beautiful, redemptive work as He uses these friendships to heal one another’s wounds” (page 60).
  • Faithfulness: “The best and deepest friendships are formed through work accomplished together, serving others side by side. There is something special about sharing history, walking through life with one another, enduring the storms of life, and emerging as golden friends. This is how we build camaraderie – the deep friendship we all long for but so seldom find in this isolationist world” (page 109).
  • Hospitality: “Hospitality has the same basic root and meaning as the words hospital, hospice, and hotel. At its best, hospitality speaks of a person who hosts and serves others, with their well-being, health, and welfare at heart and the meeting of their needs planned out. Hospitality comes from an attitude that says, “I am willing to give of myself to meet your needs so that you feel supported, loved, cared for, served, and inspired” (page 163).
  • Love: “The gift of friendship is really the gift of love. Henri Nouwen, writes that the greatest gift we can give each other is the gift of our belovedness: knowing that deep down, our identity is as someone who is loved by God and then is called to share that generous love with others” (page 202).

The book is a lovingly written challenge to extend our lives to those around us in deep, meaningful, and loving ways. For as we do so, others will know they are loved, and we will come to find long lasting friendships.

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