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Recently I had to travel to a very new to me area of the city. We live in the suburbs and quite frankly, the city is not a place I go by choice. My husband set my navigation system for me and off I went, hoping to make it there and back with no detours, aka ”“ getting lost.

All was going well, until in a panic, I got off the wrong exit. Quickly I called my husband, who in his calm tone, said, “Do you see the blue line?” Looking quickly at my navigation map, I responded, “Yes.” “Stay on the blue line, stay on the line, follow the line.” He calmly kept talking to me until my navigation suddenly began talking to me once again.

And with her voice being heard once again, I said to him, “OK, she’s talking. I think I will be good now.”

Sometimes a new year does not unfold in the way we hope. The journey may take us on twists and turns unknown and dark. A fog can settle in over our minds causing us to feel unsure of what to do or where to go. Decisions can be weighty, and often more than we can bear.

What are we to do during these times?

I hope you will join me at W2W Ministries as I share about hearing God’s voice as we navigate life.


Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash
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