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Life has a way of breaking each of us at some point in time. In her book, Freedom!, Jennifer Renee Watson leads us to pursue getting past the brokenness and to the fullness of life God has for us.

She points out we are not going to feel wonderful about our brokenness. She also states that Jesus has a plan for our brokenness. His plan will turn our scars into stories which He will use for His glory and to bless those around us.

Breakthrough …

  • the very place where God leads the wounded to victory
  • the decision to move past what you are facing or have faced, not in denial but in faith and determination God will use it for good
  • the opportunity to be divinely positioned for God’s plan for our lives

The author writes transparently as she shares her own experiences. Each chapter is rooted in biblical truths to be applied to our lives. Each chapter includes reflective questions and a prayer, making this a book which can be used both personally and in a group setting.

As I sit reflecting on my favorite quote in the book, and there were many, I keep coming back to this:

“The Holy Spirit will always be greater and more powerful that whatever tried to break you.

Our hope is found in believing that reaching out to God and seeking Him first will result in rewards for us personally that are worth waiting for. And what we are becoming in the process of waiting and reaching out is worth the effort it takes to keep going.

This is faith and active brokenness: reaching out toward Christ to receive the wholeness our souls needs.”

(taken from page 36)

The book is easy to read as it flows like a conversation with a good friend. This is a book for anyone looking to become unstuck as every page is filled with encouragement. You will find yourself motivated to reflect and search your soul in your fight for freedom and victory.

**I was provided a copy of this book by Baker Publishing Group for review.  All opinions are honest and my own.  This post contains affiliate links.  If you click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small percent at no additional cost to you.