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It was another good week spent in Whispers and Wildflowers as we settled in and focused on choosing joy and gratitude, and worrying a bit less each day.


As we  read James 1:17 and Psalm 100, our focus began to shift towards joy and gratitude. Choosing joy is not always easy but it is doable, one step at a time. One line from the book grabbed my attention: “Linger in gratefulness today” (page 117).

In looking up the word ‘linger’ in the dictionary, I discovered that it means “to remain or stay longer than usual or expected” (dict. com).

That was when it hit me … to linger in gratefulness doesn’t mean that we haven’t been grateful at all. But what would happen if we stayed put – for a few minutes longer than usual and continued to be grateful?

What would happen in each of us, if we lingered and listed a few things we can be grateful for?

“Gratefulness flips the switch, turning a negative situation into an opportunity to lean on the Lord and watch Him work” (Sarah Beth Marr).

Being grateful in the middle of the challenge is not easy, and does not come easily. We must choose to do so. I’m ready to flip the switch. What about you?


Matthew 6:25-27 and Exodus 16:4 caused us to look a little more deeply at our tendency to worry. Don’t say we don’t do it – we all do – and if we’re honest, it is hard not to some days.

 “Know today that God intends for you to live life without worries consuming your heart.”
(from page 133)

What would it look like to go without worrying today?

Jesus knew our natural inclination to worry. He turns this upside down and calls us to live differently – to not worry.

To live this way, we must become like birds, who trust Him for everything.

The Exodus scripture reminds us of manna, which needed to be picked up each day. Yesterday’s manna would not suffice for today; and tomorrow’s is yet unavailable. Talk about being taught patience, dependence, and trust!

Perhaps this is truly the only way we can live without worrying though. Think about it …

Maybe we need to take our worries to Him immediately, so that we do not even begin to worry. Maybe our souls need to constantly be reminded to trust Him, and to entrust our worries to Him.

Is there a practical way you can remind yourself to consider the birds and trust God when you feel worries crowding your heart? Each time I sense worry crowding my heart and mind, I am going to remind myself, and the Lord that I am a mere bird, needing Him to provide all I need to make it through.


1: Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash
2: Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

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