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No family is ever safe from the attack of drug addiction. Addiction not only affects the user but also the family and friends. It is a heart wrenching problem which will toss us to and fro if we do not secure ourselves to God, who alone is our anchor.

In her book God Our Anchor, Deborah Bailey shares the battle her family faced with her daughter. She provides much comfort and direction for parents looking for answers and hope.

This is a 30 day devotional in which the author seeks to lead others through the storm of battling drug addiction with a child. She has broken down this devotional into three parts:

  1. Batten Down the Hatches. Here she seeks to help with the preparation of the storm of addiction.
  2. Throwing in the Anchor. In this part, she addresses letting go of some of the baggage being carried and ridding oneself of the lies of the enemy. In so doing, you are better positioned and not be moved as you battle.
  3. Anchored. Once anchored, although the storm rages on, you are secure in God alone. You are enabled to stand firm, knowing you are being held by God’s love for you.

Each devotion includes a Scripture, a reading, a prayer, and some questions for thought designed to bring hope to a seemingly hopeless situation.

The author shares her pain-filled journey through her fierce battle with beautiful transparency in the hopes her story will encourage others. Knowing full well the battle is a difficult one, her prayer for other parents is:

“My prayer is for you to be anchored by God as you press on to the prize at the end of your storm. “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul” (Hebrews 6:19). I pray for protection and healing over you and your children. I pray for abundant peace as you submit yourselves and your child completely to the Lord. I pray for lives to be saved unto Him, for God ultimately wins, and God does heal!”

(Deborah Bailey, God Our Anchor, page 161)

This is a book for every parent in the midst of the storm of a child’s drug addiction. It will bring encouragement and the powerful reminder of being held fast by God, yes, even in a loved one’s addiction.

Deborah Bailey is a physical therapist, a teacher and advocate for intercessory prayer, and a mother who daily braves the loss of her daughter to drug addiction. Desperate for relief from the turmoil that the storm of addiction hailed at her daughter, Ashlynn, Deborah clung to God’s Word and fervent prayer at depths she had never plumbed before. While supporting her daughter through multiple drug rehabilitation programs, Christian counseling, and sessions with various experts in psychology and psychiatry, Deborah felt the presence of the Lord and knew He had a plan to share her experiences with others who faced the same turmoil. She and her husband, Mike, now have a teaching and speaking ministry that seeks to end addiction and increase public awareness about the current addiction crisis. Deborah is the cofounder alongside her husband of The Ashlynn Bailey Foundation, an initiative dedicated to restore the lives of reformed addicts, provide hope for families in the midst of an addiction crisis, and pave a way for justice to reign in this broken world of drugs. More information about their foundation may be found at

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