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I have always enjoyed a good commercial. They can bring laughter, and an exceptionally good one will be thought provoking.

Such is a virtual assistant commercial which has been in my thoughts since the first time viewed. It shows a young girl returning home from soccer a bit frustrated. In the middle of the night, the mom hears a thud against the house and arises to look out the window. She discovers her daughter practicing kicking goals and asks the virtual assistant to turn on the back yard light. Mom and daughter exchange a smile as the daughter resumes her practice.

Light. It brings a brightness, an illumination to every darkness, and every situation. Light ignites something within us ”“ courage and determination ”“ as it dispels the dark and shadows.


I hope you will join me at Woman to Woman Ministries HERE as we look at the benefits of God’s light in our daily lives.


Photo by Valeriy Andrushko on Unsplash
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