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The book arrived and its lovely cover immediately had my attention. Later that afternoon, I made myself a cup of tea and settled on the couch to read.

In her book, The Heart That Heals, Patsy Burnette tells her story. It’s a story of loss and brokenness. It’s a story centered upon one verse:

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10a)

The author shares in the prologue:

“I hope this book gives you the strength to cast your burdens on the Lord. But not just that, I hope it also gives you the tools you need to teach others how to do the same.”

The book is a journey. A personal journey with God towards not only healing, but discovering we arrive not by accident but on purpose.

The book is divided into three parts:

  1. The Problem. This section looks at breaking down the wall of emotions which so often plague us, hindering us from moving forward.
  2. The Solution. This section addresses casting our burdens on the Lord and coming alongside of others. This is where we learn about the comfort of God.
  3. The Application. This section addresses how we are to respond to our burdens so that we can begin to see the blessing our burdens often bring to us.

Each chapter starts with a coloring page that includes a Scripture. These are wonderful to write out on an index card so that our focus is set, the verse is readily available throughout the day, and we become rooted and grounded in God’s Word.

Each chapter concludes with a “Reflection & Application” which is questions to reflect more deeply on what God would want one to learn. There is space for prayer requests and also a place to write out the Scripture for memorization. The book has been published with wide margins, leaving plenty of space to write one’s thoughts.

This is a book for all of us as we all face brokenness at some point in life. We all have burdens we must carry. The Heart That Heals brings this comforting thought on the compassion of God:

“And because of His compassion, He took action …

He is not simply touched by the feeling of compassion; the Bible says He is moved. Moved to action by compassion. And His actions forever changed the lives of those He was moved with compassion toward.”

(from pages 68-69)

As we still ourselves before God and His Word,
allowing the God of all comfort to have His way in our lives,
we will discover we have a heart that heals.


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