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It was a book review {there is the link to the review} which led me to another book – The Book of Common Prayer.

The simplicity, beauty, and power of the prayers shared in the book spoke deeply to my heart bringing encouragement, strength, and comfort.

“O heavenly Father, who hast filled the world with beauty:
Open our eyes to behold thy gracious hand in all thy works; that, rejoicing in thy whole creation, we may learn to serve thee with gladness; for the sake of him through whom all things were made, thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

(from the Book of Common Prayer, page 814)

God has filled the world with much beauty,
so that we may see Him, and be drawn to Him more deeply.

Upon reading, and re-reading, the prayer, Psalm 100 came to mind:

“Shout with joy to the Lord, all the earth! Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before him, singing with joy.” (verse 1, NLT)

As we worship and praise God, we come acknowledging that He is the One true God. He alone reigns over all the earth and all its people.

“Acknowledge that the Lord is God! He made us, and we are his. We are his people, the sheep of his pasture.” (verse 3, NLT)

As we worship God, acknowledging Him,
thanksgiving will fill our hearts.

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name.” (verse 4, NLT)

We recall the abundant blessings He has placed in our lives, gratitude fills us, 
and becomes the theme of our hearts.

Worship is critical to our walk with God for it impacts all that we may do for the Lord. A.W. Tozer put it this way:

“God wants worshipers before workers; indeed, the only acceptable workers are those who have learned the art of worship.”

“For the Lord is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation.” (verse 5, NLT)

God who has been good in the past, will be good in the future.
So may our hearts worship Him!