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“God speaks. From the beginning of time and in the pages of Scripture, God reveals Himself as a God who speaks. His speech is a demonstration of His power, grace, and authority. Because of this truth, there is nothing more important in life than hearing from God and obeying His voice.”

90 Days With The God Who Speaks is a devotional journey through the Bible, unfolding God’s plan of redemption chronologically. Each reading is a quick read of several pages which brings much to think about and apply to life.

Throughout the days, there are many powerful quotes from a variety of people such as Helen Keller, Matt Chandler, C.S. Lewis, D.A. Carson, Charles Spurgeon, J.I. Packer, and others. The illustrations simply deliver profound doctrines of faith.

Each reading closes with a few reflection questions which will cause one to think more deeply. Some of my favorite questions were:

Does our identity shape our behavior or does our behavior shape our identity?

What does the Bible say is the source of the evil in our world?

How does trusting in Christ’s fulfilling work encourage you to have assurance of salvation?

How does having the attitude of Christ (Philippians 2:5) lead to imitating Christ (verses 3-4)?

How can we distinguish among scriptural authority, conventional wisdom, and false religious teaching?

How does our belief that God has spoken affect our view of Scripture? The world we live in? Our day-to-day behavior?

This devotional is a wonderful way to gain an overview of the messages found throughout the Bible. The book is thoroughly enjoyable and I found myself covering several days in one sitting.

“Open your heart, and allow God to show you the truth of Scripture, and the story of His Son, Jesus Christ.”
(from the Introduction)


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