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I may have asked the question more than a few times lately: “What if the Lord had not been on our side?” And I am not even having to help any children with remote learning. Nor am I confined to my home with a toddler.

These are challenging days we are living for sure which makes this a valid question to ask.

But we are not the first ones to ask the question. In the fifth Psalm of Ascents, the psalmist (David) also asked the very same question.

“What if the Lord had not been on our side? Let all Israel repeat: What if the Lord had not been on our side when people attacked us?” (Psalm 124:1-2, NLT)

When circumstances come against the weakest of us, the Lord is for us, alongside of us helping us to stand victorious. The Lord makes all the difference in our lives and in the way we approach difficult times.


I hope you will join me at Woman to Woman Ministries HERE as we look at the way in which the Lord comes alongside of us as our Defender and Protector.


Photo by Mohamad Babayan on Unsplash
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