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We all long for life to be certain. We make the plans and hope for our days to be lived out as such, and yet, rarely can we count on life to go as expected.

Our plans have a way of being interrupted by illness, financial setbacks, job loss, betrayals, and strained relationships. We tend to question God, ask the “Why” question, and wait for anticipated answers which often delay in coming.

Searching For Certainty, by Shelly Miller, is a transparent and vulnerable book about finding God in the midst of the disruptions of life. It is the perfect book to be read in 2020 – the year of disruptions and yet, the book was written before the pandemic hit.

Through her words and stories, the author shows us that God surely sees us with our questions and in fact, moves towards us as we bring our questions and doubts to Him.

She tackles the challenges of reframing uncertainty, finding God, breaking habits which keep us from Him, and practicing the art of stillness. Each chapter closes with a simple exercise for reflection, personal application, or group discussion.

A few of my favorite and underlined thoughts from the book are:

“Reframe uncertainty through the lens of certainty of God’s love, and interpret current events from the perspective of promise that is never revoked.” (from page 26)

“Only those who truly believe they are fully known and deeply loved can sing in times of adversity.” (from page 39)

“Be still in trust and steadfast in belief; only then will you be ready to wander into a spacious place – a strange place you could’ve never predicted as becoming home for you.” (from page 64)

“What looks tired, fallow, and unusable in your life is often God’s useful preparation for a new season he is planning.” (from page 73)

“We are born searching for certainty but begin living when we find the certainty of the Father’s love.” (from page 216)

The book was most encouraging for these challenging days we are living, depositing hope and assurance in the loveliest of ways. It’s a hard book to put down so pour yourself the largest cup of tea and get yourself comfortable for a spell. You’ll be glad you did!


*** I received this book from Bethany House Publishers. The opinions I have expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links.  If you click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small percent at no additional cost to you.


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