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I am currently reading The Advent Narrative. This is a book for the Advent season, true, but more so, I am finding it to be a book for now.

Mary Geisen has beautifully and powerfully encouraged and reminded me that I am living in a time of waiting – the time in between what was and what is yet to come.

She brings the much needed reminder that we are a part of a greater story – God’s story – and it will culminate with the Lord’s return. Until then – we live in waiting.

She raises some poignant questions for us to ponder:

  1. What if Advent is not just four weeks in December?
  2. What if Advent is a season that marks the ebb and flow of all our days throughout the year, or throughout our whole lives?

I am most grateful to have had the privilege of reading this book before the Advent season, during a time of transition and waiting. More so, I am grateful that Mary’s words challenged me to not only enter this time of waiting with anticipation and expectation, but to rejoice in the awareness of what is yet to come.

This is a book to deepen our understanding of Advent but more so, it is a book which will fill our hearts with longing and patience for our Lord’s return.

This is book to remind us that Emmanuel remains the same, through all times, for all people, through every transition we experience.

Emmanuel – God with us.
In the waiting.
As we wait.


**I was provided a pdf copy of this book for which I have been most grateful to the author.

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