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Deep Rooted: Growing Through the Gospel of Mark by Kathy Howard is a forty day devotional which reads more like a Bible Study.

In short daily readings, you will find yourself reading through the Gospel of Mark and delving deeper into the Scriptures. Deep Rooted provides structure and guidance in a way to make these Scriptures understandable, practical, and applicable.

Each day uses a four step process:

  • Read – simply read the noted Scripture.
  • Record – what you observed in the passage.
  • Reflect – on your observations to discover the original meaning of the text.
  • Respond – using the questions shared, apply God’s Word to your life.

Some of my favorite thoughts from the book are:

“All too often we allow the seemingly urgent to push out the important because we fail to purposefully prioritize the important.”

“Jesus calls believers to sow the Gospel. To liberally spread the Good News of Jesus and His salvation all around us. We are not responsible for the response of the hearer, but we are responsible for sharing the Good News.”

“Let us humble ourselves before God and seek to serve the forgotten. Let us look for the invisible among us. Listen to the voiceless. Take up the cause of the powerless. For it is in this humble service that we truly serve our Jesus.”

This is a devotional which will bring a renewed and fresh look at the Gospel of Mark, resulting in roots which will deepen in the soil of Scripture and with Jesus.



**I was provided a pdf copy of this book for which I am most grateful to the author. All opinions are honest and my own.  The post contains affiliate links.  If you click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small percent at no additional cost to you.

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