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We begin the second week of our Advent study with reading Psalm 66:1-9. In these first few verses, we find two actions to which we are called:

  • Sing joyful praises to God.
  • Come and see what God has done.

As we see and recognize the glory of God all around us, we will also recognize His greatness, His power, and His majesty. Circumstances around us will become smaller in light of His glory.

We are called to see what He has done. To remember the past acts, the miracles, and the times He intervened in our situations. It is as we see what He has done that we will have hope for what He will yet do.

As I type these words, I find myself humming the song we used to sing years ago in church:

“Look what the Lord has done.
Look what the Lord has done.
He healed my body,
He touched my mind,
He saved me, it was just in time.
I’m gonna praise His name.
Each day He’s just the same.
Come on and praise Him,
Look what the Lord has done.”


Mid week we read Psalm 145:1-13 and it was verse 1 that stood out: “I will exalt you, my God and King, and praise your name forever and ever” (NLT).

Even in typing out those words, the prayer of my heart is that there would not be a day without praise. May we praise our God every day, for He is great and He is worthy of our praise.

We can praise Him for … His power, His creation on display for us every day, His miracles, His goodness, His righteousness, His mercy, His compassion, His unfailing love, His power, His deeds, His majesty, His reign, His everlasting Kingdom.

The truth is He is our everlasting God. He will remain long after we are gone and be at work in the lives of our children and grandchildren because He is faithful.

What are you most grateful for today?


We closed the week with reading Psalm 100. Here we find a few things we are to do:

    • “Shout …. with joy!
    • “Worship …. with gladness!
    • “Come …. with singing!
    • “Acknowledge …. the Lord is God!
    • “Enter …. with thanksgiving!
    • “Go …. with praise!

Thanksgiving passed so quickly.  All the preparation and lamenting, and our “different” day is done.

Reading Psalm 100 brought one thing to mind … The one thing that will never be over, done, or different is the TRUTH that “He made us and we are his” (verse 2b. NLT).

May we always remember our God is good, His love towards us is unfailing, and His faithfulness will continue to each generation.

And that is reason to give thanks!


Be sure to see what God has done each day,
praising Him for His unsearchable greatness,
and for making us His beloved sheep.


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