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When the email popped into my inbox, I had no idea yet of how this title was going to fully resonate with my daily life. I selected the subject more for the convenience of the due date than the subject. It’s for this reason, I share the timeline of my eye journey.

My driver’s license was set to expire on my birthday in February. Not being one to leave things to the last minute, I headed to the DMV to do the renewal, as this time I was not eligible to renew online.

Much to my surprise, I failed the eye exam. Yes, failed. Even with my contacts in, I did not pass.

This prompted a trip to my eye doctor in order to get signed off on my vision. It was at this brief appointment that my eye doctor reminded me of cataracts which had begun forming. She hinted that when it came time for my complete annual exam, we would know better then.

I went back to the DMV with my signed forms, received my driver’s license with restrictions, and left somewhat happy that at least I could drive until sundown.

But COVID happened, things were shut down, appointments were postponed, and my eye exam was rescheduled by the doctor for late September.

It was at that appointment, I was informed the cataracts had developed much quicker than expected. She went on to explain I should probably schedule another appointment with the doctor who could do the surgery should I agree.

That exam brought the confirmation that not only did I have cataracts which were quite developed and impeding my sight, but I also had an astigmatism. Long and short, I made all the necessary appointments to move forward with the corrective surgery.

Here I sit on a November morning and I remember there is a guest post I need to write. I open up the schedule and read the words on the schedule, which was emailed to me, “Lord, Open My Eyes To See”.

And I enjoy a good laugh with the Lord. Who could have known but Him, that on that morning, I would be sitting four days after my first eye surgery.

Only God. And my eyes had been opened – in more than one way.

God sees the beginning from the end, and tenderly weaves the details of our lives together.

Much the way His hand had been at work in the details coordinating this journey with my eyes, He is at work in the details of each of our journeys.

Nothing escapes His eyes, for His eyes are ever on each of us.

“But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. 30 And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.” (Matthew 10:29-30, NLT)

The morning after my surgery, I headed into the bathroom and took note that my husband had put in all LED bulbs. Then heading into the kitchen, I noticed he had also replaced those. Only when in the family room with my Bible on my lap did I realize I could read without the assistance of my glasses or contacts.

It was not a change in light bulbs, but a change in my ability to see which I was noticing.

The psalmist also recognized his eyes were in need of God’s help in order to see:

“Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.” ”¨(Psalm 119:18, NLT)

Why do we need our eyes opened?

I’m honored to be sharing my words at Lyli Dunbar’s today for her Pray Big Series. Click HERE to read the rest of this post and learn why it is important for God to open our eyes every day, and especially during this time of Advent.


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