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We continue to move through this Advent season with reading Psalm 132. This is a psalm that celebrates the faithfulness of the Lord to David and his desire to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem.

When we disobey, we can expect to be disciplined by the Lord. When we turn back to Him, in repentance, He is gracious to us, and will once again bless our lives.

In verse 12, we see the word “if” – if we turn back, if we obey His Word, then He will teach us.

“If your sons will keep My covenant and My testimony which I shall teach them, their sons also shall sit upon your throne forevermore.” (NLT)

In verses 13-18, God made promises to the people. Read them slowly as I cannot help but wonder if these are not the promises God still wants to pour out on His people, His Church at this time.

I cannot help but wonder if God is not wanting to use this time of covid challenges to strip away all the pretense and false spirituality in His Church so that we become the people we were always meant to be.

Sobering to think on for sure.


In Psalm 2, we find the leaders of the nations being addressed. They are being warned to:

    • serve the Lord with reverent fear
    • rejoice with trembling
    • submit to God’s royal son (Christ)

It is for each of us as well – a reminder to serve, rejoice, and submit to the Lord and His authority.

But there is more …

It is also a call for us to pray for the leadership of our country, and now more than ever, as we face a transition of leadership.

Father, we thank You for the way You keep Your hand on the leaders of our countries. May we never forget that all which happens is permitted because You are sovereign. We ask that you move in our country to bring healing, justice, and unity. Move upon our leaders to serve You, to fear You, and to submit to Your principles and will. Let them seek You for wisdom and discernment. We ask this in Your Name, Amen.

What are you praying for our country?


We closed this fourth week of study with Psalm 40, reading verses 11-17. I love the psalms because the psalmists were so vulnerable. They held nothing back. And they are so like all of mankind, down through the ages.

This has been a hard year for so many. We need to be praying for the Lord to pour out His tender mercy on His people,  for Him to deliver us all from these challenging times.

Verse 17 is most precious:

“As for me, since I am poor and needy, let the Lord keep me in his thoughts. You are my helper and my savior. O my God, do not delay.” (NLT)

Think about these words – the Lord has each one of us in His thoughts. He thinks about us. How precious and comforting is that!

He alone is our helper, our Savior, the One who will not delay.

The Lord knows the needs you’ve been crying out to the Lord this week. May the Lord hear and answer each one, for He alone is able to do all things, in all situations!


As we pray for our country, for the people,
God is transforming us into the people we were meant to be,
for He alone is our helper, our Savior, the One who will not delay. 


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