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I had a goal again this year ”“ to read the Bible through in a year. So I chose a plan or perhaps, the plan chose me. Either way, I started.

I have found Leviticus to be a curious book:

  • There were many requirements for the sacrifices.
  • It was such a beautiful and perfect picture of Jesus who became our High Priest and ultimate sacrifice.
  • God is holy.
  • We need to be holy to be in relationship with Him.
  • Left to ourselves, we will begin to worship something other than God.
  • God always required a perfect, unblemished animal to be sacrificed.

But Leviticus also brought a different sort of a lesson:

God wants us to complete goals that we set for ourselves.
He desires for us to be successful more than we desire it.
He wants us to be successful in Him.


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Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash
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