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Motherhood is a challenging time for every woman. Between the endless diapers, cooking, cleaning, and playing on the floor, there is hardly any time left to fit in time alone with God. Yet this time is so important not only to parent well, but to live well.

Jenifer Metzger understands this which is why she has put together a 90-Day Devotional Book for Mom: Joyful, Patient, Faithful.

Having married at a young age and having four children by the time she was 22, she gets it. It did not take very long for her devotional time to get pushed to the back burner of each day. Only when she felt empty did she determine to make her daily devotional time a necessity.

These ninety devotionals are intended to help young moms reset and make opportunity to reconnect with their faith. They are simple and short and speak to the heart.

Each day brings a reflective reading, Scriptures, a doable action, a prayer, and space to journal one’s thoughts. Ninety relatable topics are covered, including feeling overworked, stress, prayer, remembering your value, noise, and parenting.

Metzer asks some poignant questions for delving deeper:

  • “Are you so busy caring for your children that you are weary to the point of exhaustion?”
  • “Is your fragrance leading your family and others to Christ?”
  • “Do you put the phone down and make eye contact with your children as they speak?”
  • “Are you being a positive role model? A godly role model?”
  • “What labels have you burdened yourself with?”
  • “Who is our neighbor?”

Each devotional is a fully packed reading – sure to touch the heart, make one think, and draw a mama’s heart closer to God and to her family. They will be enjoyed and appreciated, no matter what stage of parenting you many find yourself.


*** I received this book from Callisto Media. The opinions I have expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links.  If you click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small percent at no additional cost to you.

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