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The pandemic has affected us all, and probably all of us in different ways. As Palm Sunday passed, the longing inside of me was heightened. The desire to sit in church, on the hard wooden pew, and bask in the simplicity of the church service I had come to love was at its strongest.

Today is Thursday, some call it Maundy Thursday – the day Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, partook of the Last Supper with the group of men He had come to love, and revealed the plan which had been in place since the beginning.

The plan included pain – all of which would be felt by Him – Jesus , the Lamb of God.

“Truly I say to you that one of you will betray Me.” (Matthew 26:21, NASB)

Jesus spoke these words to the group around Him as they partook of a meal together.

The meal.

To Jesus, this meal was an act of hospitality, of communion, with the very men He loved. Yet He knew that one of them would betray Him, and He still offered the meal to this man.

To Judas, the meal was an act of treachery, for that is the very definition of the word betray.

The word betray, as used by Jesus, was an act which would deliver Jesus to an enemy done by treachery, or disloyalty, or deceit.

Judas sat and ate with Jesus and his fellow disciples, knowing full well already, the act he was about to take part in. He would betray Jesus in the presence of Jesus.

This was not the perfect meal by any stretch of the imagination.

The past year has also not been a perfect year. Time has betrayed us, disappointing us of our expectations. We have not been able to partake of family meals, holidays, visits, church services and so many other activities with the freedom or liberties which we once held.

Betrayal is a loss – and there has been much loss over the last year …

jobs, connections, relationships, finances, vacations, get togethers, and lives.

As the betrayal unfolded right in front of His very eyes, Jesus was also about to reveal to His disciples and the world, the very purpose for which He had come.

In the midst of all the imperfection in the world,
He came –
the perfect Lamb of God.

May we behold the Lamb!

“Behold the Lamb
The story of redemption written on His hands
Jesus, You will reign forevermore
The victory is Yours
Behold the Lamb
The story of redemption written on His hands
Jesus, You will reign forevermore
The victory is Yours
We sing Your praise
Endless hallelujah to Your holy name
Jesus, You will reign forevermore
The victory is Yours
You reign forevermore
The victory is Yours
King Jesus reigns forevermore
The victory is Yours.”
(Behold The Lamb, from Passion)
Image by Benjamin Nelan from Pixabay
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