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The book of Romans continues to hold a rich storehouse of encouragement. We began the week with reading Romans 5:1-5.

I was struck by two things as I read:

It is by grace that we stand and
we have the ability to rejoice in hope.

Paul tells us there are specific blessings we now enjoy because of the completed work of Christ. They are:

  • Access to God.
  • Hope.
  • Strength in our tribulations, in our difficulties.
  • God’s love fills our hearts.

Today is a good day for us all to remember all the benefits our salvation affords us.


Mid week found us reading Romans 5:12-17. We looked at the sources of death and of life, and the contrast between Adam and Christ.

Through Adam sin entered the world and thus, death. Through Christ’s obedience on the Cross, came forgiveness, justification, sanctification, and righteousness.

Adam’s was an act of offense. Christ’s was an act that brought us a free gift.

“The grace of God generously flows to many, bringing life.”
(Warren Wiersbe)

Christ not only undid all the damage and harm brought about by Adam, He did much more.

Christ brought us life and life eternal.  


We closed the week with Romans 6:1-7.

Paul was wanting every believer to understand God’s grace and our personal responsibility. This has been the constant battle down through the ages – how do we find the balance?

We do not want to presume upon God’s grace and take it for granted. Yet we cannot ignore our human responsibility.

It comes down to sanctification – the lifelong process of change which stems from our ongoing relationship with Christ. It is through this living and daily union with Jesus that we find ourselves forgiven and in the ongoing process of transformation – being conformed to become more like Him.

Each day may we pray to be more like Him and less like ourselves.


His Spirit poured out in our lives.
His grace at work in our lives.
Our lives to be more like His life.


Photo 1: by Patrice Audet on Unsplash
Photo 2: by Celeste Neelen on Unsplash

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