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When I took over this linkup in January, I had no idea how it would impact me. The desire to host had been slowly growing in my heart, but I had many questions stirring inside me.

Over the last few weeks especially, I realized how much each one who links up has come to mean to me. You all stir my own thoughts, spur me on in my faith journey, and cause growth.

Last week I shared about waiting and finding God in the middle of our days. Lauren Sparks left this comment:

“I think, unfortunately, that I miss God all the time. I’m either navel gazing or focusing on the problems and distractions.”

Upon reading her post, my thoughts began to stir. Distractions sure do have a way of shifting our gaze. They can either cause us to look away from God, or towards Him.

Perhaps in this loud and busy world we are living, God is teaching us to be steadfast.

Even as I typed those words in my response to the comment, excitement began to jump inside me, as “Prevail” is my One Word for 2021.

God is growing in His people the strength, the power, and the influence to prevail in challenges, to remain strong, stable, and on a firm foundation.

He is training me (us) to:

“Rejoice in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer …” (Romans  12:12, NASB)

My heart is overwhelmed by each one of you who show up and share here each week. Your posts and words do matter and are making a difference in my life and the lives of others. We need to keep showing up and sharing God’s Word, His truth, so that we all prevail and finish our race.

This brought to mind the early years of my childhood. We attended a small church in the Bronx, which is still there today. Firm in my memory are the words which were hand painted by our pastor many years ago.

God’s Word, reliable, able to achieve. God spoke His very words and had it written down for us today. And today it is just as much an achieving word as it was when it was written. His words will result in life changing action.

The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.”
(Isaiah 40:8, NASB)

May this old song remind us of these ancient promises which stand true and firm today!

“And the Word was,
And the Word is,
And the Word will be!”
(from “The Word” by Sara Groves)

Be sure to visit Lauren Sparks as she shares a prayer based on Scripture each Wednesday. You can find her recent post “Praying God’s Word Wednesday#24” HERE.


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